Jim West’s work always tells a story. It is an evolving narrative meant to engage the viewer on an intellectual, visceral, or emotional level. It challenges us to think, enables us to feel, and encourages us to react. Jim West’s sculptures intentionally showcase the power and purpose of art as dialogue for finding common ground, transforming perspectives, and resolving misunderstandings. Individually and collectively, they encourage audience interaction and engagement, leading to a thoughtful exchange of ideas and opinions on relevant issues.

Nationally-recognized for his monumental figurative works in bronze, West is now bringing a bold style and passion to the contemporary art scene with a new series of interactive sculptures incorporating light, kinetics, and sound. His distinct fusion of technology with sculpture is redefining figurative art and multi-media storytelling through abstract works that ignite uniquely personal, emotional responses. West’s newest figurative works not only showcase his depth and breadth as a fine artist, but also reveal a thought-provoking narrative of the times. Provocative yet poignant, his powerful body of work provides an unparalleled multi-sensory experience for current and future generations. No matter the subject, West’s richly textured sculptures reveal underlying layers of intention that stimulate, resonate, and evoke thoughtful introspection among diverse audiences who often discover that they too have “lived his story.”

“We’re all in this together. Now, more than ever before, we must think globally but act locally to protect the past but serve as a steward for future generations. That is the true power and purpose of art: to transform and to inspire.”

– Jim West