© Utterance, 2022, Mixed Media – Bronze, Steel, Light, Resin, Audio, 10’ x 5’ 1/2” x 7 1/2”.

Do you hear the yelling surrounding you? Can you break through the chaos of noise to hear the message? UTTERANCE is a symbolic sculpture, using illumination and volume control, about how we, as humans, need to quiet the noise around us, and listen, really listen, to the messages that are being broadcasted, and how we use our own voices to communicate throughout our lifetimes.

“For me, UTTERANCE is really more about listening than yelling. Think about what you experience every day; there is simply too much noise and not enough listening. Too much talking over someone before words and thoughts have been fully shared. UTTERANCE reminds us that in order to listen to one another, really listen, we must first quiet the noise that surrounds us. Only then can we truly hear and be heard.”


Thank you for joining the conversation about how we can communicate better. Below is a gallery of all of the submissions from the 2023 Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival.