The Altar: Industrialism

© The Altar: Industrialism, 2020, Stainless Steel, Steel, Wrought Iron, 193 x 120 x 60 inches.

The Altar: Industrialism was originally conceived to revere and honor the generations of Americans who helped shape the Industrial Revolution.

“As I sculpted my altar – a place of veneration and restoration – I realized that the 100-year old metal railings and pews were not only found objects, but artifacts and relics as well. These objects and the altar itself now stand as a metaphor for survival. They are symbolic of our current social condition. They are a silent witness to our past. They had seen the 1918 Spanish Flu. THE ALTAR: INDUSTRIALISM is meant to give us pause. To allow us to dream but to never forget the struggles, the strength, and the resolve of a past generation that continues to inspire us today.”