Our Path

© Our Path, 2016, Oxidized Metal, 132 x 192 x 48 inches.

Mother Nature is the ultimate Sculptor. I know that I cannot compete, but can become a messenger for her. The hills, the valleys, the reflections from water, and the way the hills tuck behind one another … her palette goes on and on. Inspired by Caravaggio’s “The Incredulity of Saint Thomas,” this monumental outdoor sculpture delicately laced with intricate water-jet carvings celebrates the beautiful, dramatic, and spectacular gifts of Mother Nature – the ultimate Sculptor. It is an epiphany of monumental proportions that reminds us that we must not doubt that we are all stewards of this planet and harbingers of things to come. OUR PATH speaks to our relationship with the planet we inhabit and how our footprint impacts the Earth we leave behind.

“I approached OUR PATH from my perspective as a user of our environment. As someone who cares about, but does not always protect, our natural resources. As a motorcycle enthusiast who leaves my shadow, my carbon footprint, long after I have completed my cross-country journey. Inspired by the conflicted artist Caravaggio, and contemplating my own sinner’s perspective, I sculpted OUR PATH in the form of a metal arch with cutouts from actual plant life. Sunlight shines through the negative space in the arch and casts shadows – long and short – onto Mother Earth. How large will those footprints be on future generations? We must never doubt that we are stewards of this planet and harbingers of things to come.”