No Recess Please

© No Recess Please, 2018, Steel, Sand, Marble, Brick, Wood, 168 x 72 x 96 inches.

This sculpture depicts the death of a child while on a playground. The swing hangs empty and lifeless from a steel beam supporting a small-scale replica of an actual library, which was built in the memory of this child. The vertical and horizontal beam supports are purposely erected in the shape of a hangman’s gallows. The structure is solidly mounted in the cold earth under the child’s swing. Materials used are reclaimed from the playground and the hospital where the child died. That child was my little sister.

“This sculpture is very personal to me, it was created to honor the memory of my little sister. She died after a tragic accident on a local playground during recess. She was only nine years old. The materials used were reclaimed from the playground and the hospital where she died. After obtaining the materials, it took me almost 2 years to resolve how I was going to integrate them in a sculpture. “