Reflections of Me

© Reflections of Me, 2018, Steel, Resin, Concrete, Rebar, Terra-cotta, 6′ 2″ x 30″ (137.96cm x 76.2cm).

Originally exhibited at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, in support of breast reconstruction awareness, this mixed-media figurative sculpture reflects the true spirit and resilience of breast cancer survivors.

“I initially declined the invitation to participate in the Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) exhibit at the Warhol. As a man, I didn’t see how I could possibly create a work of art that embodied a woman’s experience with breast cancer and raise awareness about breast reconstruction. I was ultimately persuaded to participate by doing what I love – using my art to encourage an open dialogue around this very important subject. And so, I interviewed survivors and their family members. I was awed by their mental and physical resilience through a very tough journey – one that often left the survivor feeling ‘less than whole.’ So, I took the mannequin that all participating artists received…and cut it right in half. I hollowed out the bottom and created a base revealing a rebar skeleton that was clearly still under construction. I molded the head from terracotta, a strong yet fragile material, and revealed the brain to reinforce the mental angst experienced by these women. Finally, I tilted the head slightly down to look at the exposed breasts, which were mirrored to reflect the image that was once there.”