© 2.C, 2018, Bronze, Steel, Aluminum and Kinetics, 228 inches (Sphere: 42 inches in diameter), McIlroy Center for Science and Innovation, Science, Technology & Innovation Facility, Pittsburgh, PA.

2.C is about seeing in a different way; more depth, physical mass, spirit and space. 2.C is not an object, it is a question to be pondered. It challenges us to see the world in a very different way. Literally and figuratively, it refers to Albert Einstein. 2.C represents a different way of seeing what we know and offers yet another way to understand our world. It is static but dynamic. It is energy made visible. Where space and time are relative. Where light bends and intersects.

Indigenous people once referred to this phenomenon as ‘looking through the fire’…as inhabiting a state of being where one could look beyond the superficial to feel what is not seen.

This sculpture incorporates straight and curved lines in front of a sphere to represent how light and time bend. A third line takes the shape of a spinal cord, which is symbolic of our humanity. 2.C moves and changes over time, as do our own perspectives.

“There is symbolism inherent in the form and shape of this sculpture. But when I created 2.C for the McIlroy Center, I also thought a great deal about how my own perceptions and points of view have changed as I’ve grown older. That was a key insight for me and I hope, for their student body. I wanted this next generation of scientists and innovators to look at this sculpture and question how it changes as they move forward, backward, and around it. Hour after hour. Day by day. When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”