Quarantine 2020

© Quarantine, 2020. 2022, Mixed Media – Bronze, Steel, Textile, 4’ x 4’ x 5 1/2’.

Isolated and confined within an invisible, yet impenetrable barrier, our fragile world hung precariously in suspended animation — contained, constrained and secluded.

“The world was tipped on its edge during 2020, immobilized by a force that would reshape and redefine us. Individually, we manifested unimaginable feelings of physical and mental distress, questioning the uncertainty of life imposed by our confinement. Collectively, we supported each other from a distance. Then slowly and purposefully, the barriers began to fall, creating shadows of light where there once had been darkness. Illuminating a renewed purpose and meaning for our existence. Time may have stood still, but we still carried on, one solitary day at a time, to a new tomorrow.”