Split Infinity

© Split Infinity, 2018, Cast Bronze, Gold Patina, Textiles, Torso: 110 x 79 inches (Weight: 950 lbs.), Legs: 92 x 58 inches (Weight: 1000 lbs.).

Acknowledge your insecurities! We all have them, without exception. Albert Einstein was used for this sculpture because his image immediately conveys Genius, not loneliness and insecurity. Not unlike Einstein himself, this monumental and multi-dimensional sculpture is the physical manifestation of Einstein’s theory of time and space continuum. It is the emotional equivalent to special relativity, where Einstein literally pulls himself through time and space to rediscover who he was. It acknowledges his struggle with loneliness and rejection, but celebrates the triumph of self-awareness over doubt. But more than celebrating its own liberation from the pull of gravity and inertia, SPLIT INFINITY challenges each of us to celebrate our uniqueness, embrace our own reality and, ultimately, to reconsider who we really are.

“I hope that this sculpture motivates the Einstein’s of this world to believe that is okay to be different. To continually challenge yourself. To pull yourself upward – through space and time, and whatever challenges you may face. And to not be afraid to explore the unknown. I was taught that infinity is a loop that goes on forever…or is it a circle that takes us back to the beginning? There are, and will always be, many questions that can’t be answered in life. And that’s part of SPLIT INFINITY’S message too.”